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Get Moms What They Really Want

Mom and baby silhouette

“A gracious woman gets honor…” – Proverbs 11:16

 “Get Mom what she really wants!” We hear Mother’s Day ads like that everywhere this time of year.  Some of us are secretly thankful for them because they help us never forget the big day. Aside from the marketing, what do Moms really want?

Survey Says…

In a survey featuring 767 mothers, LendingTree discovered;

  • 36% want a card
  • 32% choose quality time

 One of the best ways to get quality time is over a meal. If you've shared meals with someone, you may notice certain habits. It could be where someone sits, who takes extra helpings (me) and other things. In the home of an older couple I knew, there were certain things that happened like clockwork. Inevitably, before dinner was even over, the patriarch would urge people to help his wife in the kitchen. It was clear who the most important person in the room was… It reminds me of the old adage "if mama ain't happy ain't nobody happy." 

At WELS Lutherans for Life, we love to make moms feel not only happy, but also loved. The generosity and commitment of pro-lifers ensure moms receive words of encouragement AND our time. It makes an impact.  A mom we’ve been walking with for a while, providing notes of encouragement, as well as material assistance, recently said:

“I appreciate y’alls time and dedication.”

In the film “You’ve Got Mail” (which I’ve seen too many times) we notice how special it is to see, in writing, that someone cares for you. This is especially true in crazy times. As things constantly change, something that remains true is, receiving personalized mail is FUN! If you’ve gone through a difficult season and received a card you know firsthand how meaningful it is. As you open it you might not even realize a smile has come across your face. Perhaps a tear of appreciation, too?

We can all be reminded of our value in Christ and His presence during challenging times. Thanks to one of our sonographers the mom mentioned above had a free ultrasound. It was another beautiful opportunity for her and her unborn baby to receive love and attention.

All of this is made possible by kind pro-lifers taking action! Volunteering and donating can change the lives of moms in need. As cheesy as it sounds (we are Wisconsin-based after all) every day is Mother's Day at our ministry.

Rachel Greiner


P.S. My mom will be receiving a playful card, a book, and a donation to her pro-life pregnancy center in Ohio. Empowering moms is a great way to honor our own!

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