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Client Success Stories

These stories of real clients we've had the privilege to serve illustrate our partners' investment impact. Names have been changed for privacy reasons. If the story is too revealing to protect client privacy we take precautionary liberty to alter or withhold some details to ensure the privacy.

Shanna's Story

On Easter Sunday, she and her children visited the church. “I liked it!” she said.

Her third child will soon be born. In the meantime, Shanna is very busy caring for her two preschool children, especially challenging as she is having some physical, late-pregnancy issues.

When she visited our center again recently for material assistance, our volunteer counselor continued a dialogue about the family’s spiritual needs. The counselor learned that Shanna recently settled into a new area of town, and was able to make a connection with a pastor of a nearby congregation. That was just what Shanna needed.

On Easter Sunday, she took her children and visited the church for the first time. “I liked it!” she said. Shanna will be meeting with the pastor after her baby is born to talk about baptism for all of her children.

The consistent financial support of our community makes this possible. Donate today to keep it going.

Jenny's Story

Jenny said her boyfriend leaving her was the best thing he ever did for her. The other Loving Moms and our volunteers became her only friends at the time.

Jenny came to the pregnancy center with her boyfriend. It was immediately obvious all they were interested in was getting an abortion.

As the counselor gathered the necessary information, Jenny’s attitude began to change. In the safety of the counseling room, she revealed that her boyfriend had brought her to the center and was pressing her to get an abortion. He had warned her that he’d leave if she didn’t follow through. She really didn’t want an abortion, but she wanted to keep her boyfriend happy.

After the counselor and Jenny had thoroughly discussed her options, Jenny went to the lobby and told her boyfriend she was keeping her baby. He angrily stormed out, and Jenny followed him. She came back in after several minutes and explained that he drove off and left her.

Jenny never saw her boyfriend again. She followed through with her pregnancy and gave birth to a healthy little boy. She is in love with her son and was especially happy her boyfriend brought her to our center. She said it was the best thing he ever did for her. What was meant to control her actually freed her. She is extremely grateful to the partners that support such a wonderful place.

Jenny joined our Loving Moms parenting program. She told her counselor that she didn’t have any friends while living with her boyfriend. When he left her, she had nothing. The other Loving Moms and our volunteers became her only friends at the time.

You provide a safe place for girls like Jenny and her baby. You help make it possible for many more Jennys to make positive choices for themselves and their babies.

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Laura's Story

Abortion seemed like what she needed to do. She is amazed at what Jesus has done for her!

Laura adores the Loving Moms classes which empower her with useful tips and real support. She has her hands full with 3 kids and one on the way. Times have been very difficult for her.

She's a single mom and some months she finds it hard to make ends meet. However she has faith, does her best, and prays. She is amazed at what Jesus has done for her!

There was a time when things were even harder. Concerned she might be pregnant, Laura visited one of our pregnancy care centers. When she saw a positive test result, Laura thought abortion seemed like what she needed to do.

She talked with a volunteer counselor and later decided abortion was not the answer.

Through her continued visits to our pregnancy care center she is reassured of Jesus' love and care and she is confident in him!

Donate now so more moms like Laura can be introduced to the love of Jesus and choose life rather than abortion.

At WELS Lutherans for Life we respect everyone who comes to us for help – and many are working toward a fresh start in life. So while their stories are true, client names and images may have been changed to protect their privacy. Thank you for understanding.

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