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If you have a question please ask. It may be one we receive a lot - frequently. Who knows... if it is, it may end up right here on our FAQs page.  Go for it!

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  1. Where do you get your funding?

    We are mainly supported by individual donations. Some funding comes from churches and businesses. Occasionally we will be awarded grant monies from charitable foundations.

  2. Can WLFL accept stocks, bonds, or any other securities gifts?

    Yes. We can accept publicly-traded securities and other non-cash assets.

    National Christian Foundation (NCF) manages the SAVE A LIFE FUND for WLFL. Every day, our team at the National Christian Foundation (NCF) helps generous givers like you simplify their giving, multiply their impact, and experience the joy of sending more to their favorite causes than they ever dreamed possible. So start dreaming big, because we sure are.

    ​WELS Foundation processes planned gifts for the benefit of WELS and WELS affiliated ministries. Caring individuals can arrange planned gifts though WELS Foundation for the benefit of WELS Lutherans for Life. For more information about these opportunities contact us .

  3. Does Christian Life Resources or the WELS Synod provide funding for you?

    No. We do not receive financial support directly from the WELS Synod or Christian Life Resources. WELS Lutherans for Life is an independent 501(c)3 organization and we conduct our own fundraising.

  4. Is WELS Lutherans for Life related to Christian Life Resources?

    No. WELS Lutherans for Life was incorporated in 1982 and has always been an independent organization. Christian Life Resources was incorporated in 1983. Although WELS Lutherans for Life was affiliated with Christian Life Resources (CLR) in the past we are no longer.
    See the announcement .

  5. Are contributions and financial gifts spent locally?

    YES! Your financial investment, and all contributions are used locally. Every dollar given is used to finance the ministry of saving lives and transforming families.

  6. Is WELS Lutherans for Life affiliated with any national organizations?

    Yes. We are primarily affiliated with Care Net, Heartbeat International, and NIFLA. We are also affiliated with a few smaller organizations that help us reach and serve our target clients, abortion-minded mothers and those suffering after an abortion decision.

  7. Why does WELS Lutherans for Life accept funding through United Way?

    The explanation of why we participate in the United Way Donor Choice program is available in this link .

  8. If I want to help WLFL reduce costs by not receiving mailings, how much will that save?

    Great question. We are occasionally asked to stop mailing to someone to help save the money, so it goes directly for ministry programs. It is interesting to know that an individual mailing averages $0.60. To opt out of a year's worth of mailings saves less than $6/year for one person or household.

  9. Do I need permission to use WELS Lutherans for Life content?

    Yes. With limited exceptions, all use of WELS Lutherans for Life, including and other WLFL websites content (text, photographs, graphics, etc.) requires the permission of WELS Lutherans for Life.
    Request reprint permission through our Contact Us page for:
    - Use of article text with accompanying photos or graphic elements.
    - Use of text-only requests.
    - Information about linking to

  10. Can you send me a Medical Directives document?

    Unfortunately we are unable to, but Christian Life Resources developed a Durable Power of Attorney for Health Care – Christian Version. You can learn more and download the one for your state here:

National organizations with which we are affiliated:
  • Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod

  • Care Net logo

  • Heartbeat International

  • National Institute of Family and Life Advocates

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