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A Year Later: A DO and a DON’T after Dobbs

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I’ll never forget when I saw the news that Roe V. Wade was overturned by Dobbs come across the tv screen. We’d spent many years serving those experiencing unplanned pregnancies in a country with some of the world’s most loose abortion regulations. It was surreal.
In the days that followed, we saw the rightful, necessary celebration of pro-lifers that women, men and the unborn would be spared the pain and death of abortion. We also saw the equally intense reaction of abortion supporters. While driving out of town, I ended up turning onto a street blocked by an angry demonstration. It reminded me so much of the random guy one may see in Time Square holding a “The End is Near” sign. Unfortunately, I fear that this and even messaging from life-affirming organizations may have given the impression that the “fight” is over. That after years of faithful work and prayers, no more women will be regretting recent abortions, or little humans having their lives cut short. I would give everything I have for that to be even close to true.
Unfortunately, I speak with Wisconsin women who are just a short car ride away from an Illinois abortion provider. Increased awareness of, and access to abortion pills, is changing the dynamics. An increasing percentage of abortions are abortion pill procedures, which bring unique risks. Borders and laws remain important but have their limits. We live in an age when we can have seemingly anything discreetly delivered to our door. If it’s Italian food (or shoes) I am all for it. However, abortion pills are being mailed sometimes from India. The trends suggest that abortion pills via mail through sites like “Plan C” will only increase. While some things have changed, many risks for women remain the same. We may have been lulled into complacency. We must not forget the destruction that legalized abortion has had on pre-born babies, families, and society. DON’T underestimate the reality and availability of abortion.
Even if legal abortions were a thing of the past there would still be unplanned pregnancies, families facing significant challenges, and women and men dealing with unhealed pain from abortion. There would still be those without the hope and unconditional love that can only be found in Christ. The truth is our mission doesn’t change based on the political whims of Washington.
I can’t overstate the impact of a woman choosing life, but that is just a beginning. There will be bad days when she needs support and the Holy Spirit grants a volunteer just the right words. Satan will try to scare her into changing her mind. We must be available with practical support. When she doesn’t feel strong enough we can gently remind her she is brave and not alone. Ultrasounds, parenting classes, and material support are just a few of the ways that we are there for parents in our community.

​Love in action is needed now more than ever! By giving of time and treasure, people are having an impact that lasts for generations. DO be a part of families thriving! Your skills can be a blessing. Learn about volunteer opportunities. Reaching out to those in need is expensive. You can join us in getting the word out about our clinic by giving today!

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